Other Resources

I think it's only fair to note some of the other Java Wizard component implementations. Some of these have appeared since I wrote my version. You may do a Google search to find yet other versions.

There's a JWizard package at SourceForge.net which became the inspiration for my own version. I had some complicated sequencing to do and this package seemed to make it harder than I thought it needed to be. You can judge for yourself. It is open source and it does appear to have paid attention to internationalization.

There's source code for a JWizard component at informit.com. It separates the Wizard panels from the navigation which may create some excess cross-talk among the classes. The code seems to be free and unlicensed. The code is not internationalized and uses characters ">" and "<" instead of icons for the Back and Next buttons.

For $99, Visionary Technologies offers a JWizard component which sounds pretty nice. I haven't tried it as its not open source. If you do a Google search, most of your hits will point back to this version.