A wizard is a dialog that leads a user through a procedure step-by-step.

The main features of JWizard are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Can add a logo image to the left side of the wizard dialog.
  • Can set a title for the wizard.
  • Can set a title for each step of the wizard.
  • Contains the commonly-used buttons Back, Next, Finish and Cancel.
  • Can enable the Finish button during sequencing or only on the last step.
  • Can enable the Cancel button for all steps or all steps except the last one.
  • Can add a Help button
  • Can handle complicated run-time sequencing where the next step depends on the user's response to the current step or even on external factors.
  • Easy to centralize the storage of information gathered by the various steps.
  • Can perform actions as the user sequences through the steps or can hold off on all actions until Finish is pressed.
  • Fully internationalized and ready for localization.
  • Uses standard Java icons for the Back, Next and Help buttons.