Hi! My name is Tony Freixas and I am currently working on an application that I intend to release as Open Source. In the process of building the application, I am using as many Open Source classes and components as I can find.

In some cases, I have been disappointed with what I have found on the web:

  • Classes that are not free.
  • Classes with restrictive licensing.
  • Classes which ignore internationalization.
  • Classes which are not easy to use.
  • Components which are limited with respect to the Look & Feel that can be used.

When I have not found a suitable Java class, I have implemented my own. I have decided to release these for use by others as part of a library I call FLib.

Currently, there are three components available in FLib and I have chosen to make them completely independent of each other. In the future, you may have to load some common code in order to use the FLib classes.

These web pages are for the TableLayout manager. Use the links on the left to learn more.

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