Other Resources

I think it's only fair to note some of the other Java calendar component implementations. Some of these have appeared since I wrote my version. You may do a Google search to find yet other versions.

I tried the JCalendarCombo from OnlyJava. It looked nice at first, but I had several problems with it:

  • You had to set start/end years since the year was chosen from a combo box.
  • The combo box (textfield and down-arrow) always had the Metal L&F.
  • The component was not internationalized.
  • The license does not allow for derivative works.

The JCalendar from toedter.com looks promising. There doesn't seem to be an option for a combo-box version, though. It uses the LGPL license.

A CalendarPanel was written by Wong Kok Wai. It also lacks combo-box entry. I'm not sure about the license.

There are a number of commercial products you could try if you're willing to pay:

  • JavaDatePicker starts at $119 for a single-developer license.
  • ExtremeComponent offers a JCalendar component binary license for $19. I didn't see a combo-box option.
  • LavanTech has a pretty fancy date/time selector starting at $75 for a single-user license. It does provide a combo-box selection, but I'm not sure how well it adapts to the various L&F's.
  • jProductivity offers a calendar with a lot of options, including a combo-box version. Again, I'm not sure how it adapts to various L&F's since the only way I've found to do it is to modify the code for each L&F.

There are some less-fancy calendar selectors which might be useful for applets. tCalDate is free for personal use and appears to only require registration for professional use. Scand LLC offers two versions of a calendar: one for free and an advanced version for $29.