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FLib is a free, open source library of high-quality Java components. To view the components, select a component name from the list on the left.

JCalendar is a calendar component. You can use it to display a date and/or time or to allow the user to enter a date and/or time. It appears in two forms: a panel containing a calendar and a combo box with a drop-down calendar. Although it needs some localization, most of the localization work is done by taking advantage of the localization in the Java Calendar class.

JWizard is a wizard component, which is like a dialog that leads the user through a series of steps to complete some task. This component is very easy to use and contains the common features of a wizard: a logo on the left side, a title for the wizard, a title for each wizard step, Back Next, Finish, Cancel and Help buttons, etc. It is fully internationalized and ready for localization.

TableLayout is a layout manager. It is loosely based on the HTML table and completely replaces the hard-to-use and hard-to-understand GridBagLayout manager. There is no layout that the GridBagLayout can generate that cannot be equivalently laid out with the TableLayout, but the latter is dramatically easier to use.

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